Borehole Drilling

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Phone: +263 039-2353134 ,+263
0772106838 ,+263 0785444621

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Phone: +263 039-2353134 ,+263
0772106838 ,+263 0785444621

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Contact Us

Phone: +263 039-2353134 ,+263
0772106838 ,+263 0785444621

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Pote Drilling

We own three Drill rigs, Compressors and down-the-hole equipment for use in the drilling of boreholes. The company started drilling in 2011 and have a clean record in surveying, drilling and fitting efficient state of the art boreholes. We had contracts with The Bethany Project, World Vision, Mimosa Mining Company, Shabani Mine, ZERA, Action Faim, Midlands State University, District Councils and many other organisations and institutions around the country.

Makanaka Investments offers a wide range of specialist services in the field of water engineering and development. Our major services include the following:

  • Geophysical and hydro geological surveys.
  • Borehole drilling and casing.
  • Pumping tests.
  • Deep well sinking.
  • Pump installations. This includes type B bush pumps, pressure pumps, submersibles, mono pumps and de-watering pumps.
  • Borehole clean out or flushing.
  • Borehole pump repairs. This includes type B bush pumps, pressure pumps and mono pumps.
  • Consultancy services on how best to utilize existing and available water resources.
  • Supply of bush pumps and bush pump spares
  • Supply of water tanks (plastic and corrugated iron).
  • Short steel casings.

We also have our own experts in Geological Surveying for borehole siting, borehole drilling, casing and pump installations.

Our Hardware supplies all the equipment used in drilling including rods, hammers, bids and we always readily provide almost everything needed to any site that we might be attached.

When necessary we also hire state-of-the-art equipment in order to deliver quality service.

The fact that we have our own trucks makes it easier for us to transport the machinery or equipment to any destination conveniently.

Makanaka Investments is the only privately owned company in Zvishavane and surrounding regions, which offers borehole siting services, drilling and pumps installations.

We have great experience in hydro geological and geophysical surveys and hence our success rate is far from anyone’s reach. We have Hydrogeologists with vast experience and who have worked in every geological environment in Zimbabwe. We provide our services to NGOs, government, Rural District and Town Councils, institutions such as schools and hospitals, farmers and individuals.


Our prices are highly competitive and our products are also top quality. They match our specialist and technical nature services.


Our aim is to provide our customers with products and services of uncompromising quality, error free and on time. We gear ourselves to achieve and maximize value to our customers. We do this through forecasting customer needs, exceeding their expectations and continuously seeking to improve.

Our biggest customers are large organisations, NGOs, councils and the general public in Zvishavane, Chivi, Mberengwa districts and regions beyond.

These include JM Construction, Mimosa Mining Company, AA Mines, Government Departments, Sabi Gold Mines and Non Governmental Organizations in the area such as World Vision Zimbabwe, Care International, Red Cross, Zvishavane Water Project, Africare, Bethany, Helpage and many more.

We have provided services to several clients including World Vision, Mimosa Mining Company, WFP, Zinara, WeltHungerHilfe, Shabani Mine, Care International among others.

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Phone: +263 039-2353134 , +263 0772106838 , +263 0785444621 Email:
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